Chiles Rellenos Recipe

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Chiles Rellenos Recipe

Post  Rorinex on Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:33 am

4 Poblano Chile Peppers
3 medium Potatoes peeled and cooked
2 cups Muenster Cheese shredded
1 small Onion finelly chopped
Salt to taste
1/4 - 1/2 cup All Purpose Flour
2 Eggs
Cooking Oil

Roast the poblano chiles (look online for the best method that works for you, to roast the peppers) once roasted place the peppers in a plastic bag so they sweat and become very soft and easy to peel (about 2 or 3 hours). While waiting for the peppers to be ready, peel the potatoes, wash and cut in chunks. Place in a pan with enough water to cover the potatoes and boil on medium heat until tender enough to mash. Once mashed let them cool completely. Once cooled add the chopped onions, the shredded cheese and the salt, mix well. Set aside (this is the relleno stuffing). Now peel the peppers, leave the stem on, (stem is left on only for looks, if it doesn't have the stem you can still fill it) with your fingernail or a small knife make one cut the length of the each pepper. Wash the peppers under running water (don't open the water full blast, maybe half way) open the pepper where you made the cut and try to remove all the seeds let the water run inside to help wash away the seeds now wash the outside to remove any remaining skin. Once washed place them in a strainer so that the excess water drains. Now take the potato mix and grab some of the mixture in your hands and press it in the shape and size of the pepper, and place it inside the pepper being careful not to over stretch the pepper because it will split in other places and your goal is to just have one opening on the pepper, so if you grabbed too much stuffing take some out (if some of the peppers have more than one opening don't worry you can still stuff them, just pat them to the potato mixture and the pepper will stick to it). Once you have finished stuffing all the peppers coat each pepper with flour, place on a plate and set aside. Place a medium to large frying pan 1/3 to half filled with cooking oil on medium heat. While oil is heating seperate the yokes from the egg whites, beat egg whites in a large bowl with hand mixer until you get stiff peaks, add the yokes and with a fork slowly mix the yokes with the egg whites. Dip one pepper into the egg batter making sure to cover all the pepper with egg then carefully place in hot pan with oil, then the next pepper the same way. Place 2 - 4 peppers in the pan, depanding on the size of the pan. Make sure not to over fill with peppers, there has to be enough space to turn the peppers as they fry. Once they have fried to a golden color then turn (about 2-3 minutes), continue until all peppers have been fried. Serve right away while they are still hot.
Tip: If you have leftover stuffing, you can make small patties about 3 inches, coat with flour, cover with egg and fry like the peppers.

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