Guild Rules !!! (please read)

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Guild Rules !!! (please read)

Post  Rorinex on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:45 am

  • Respect - show respect to your fellow guild members. Flaming, deliberately causing offence and generally being an asshat in Guild chat or Party/Raid chat isn't acceptable. Light-hearted poking of fun is one thing, but more than that could be penalised. Simply put, avoid upsetting fellow guildies.

  • For Guild Chat (aka /g): please keep arguements from /g. Small-scale arguements are fine, obviously, so long as they do not get out of hand. Friendly banter, discussion, debate and so on have been and always will be not only acceptable, but encouraged. But any major arguements should be kept in whispers. If a big or unpleasant arguement breaks out, and isn't resolved quickly, you shall be demoted to the "Away" rank until such a time as the officers see fit to do otherwise. The "Away" rank has had its /g talk privilages removed, although they'll be able to still read /g.

  • Do not Spam Guild Chat. Try to keep confrontations out of Guild Chat. If there is a problem, talk to the Guild Leader or a Guild Officer.

  • Represent - while you have <Insanity > tag floating above your head, you are a representative of our guild in all things we do, be it idling in a city, levelling a character, joining a PuG group, or anything else. Remember that you represent us, and don't act in a manner that will get justifiable complaints from other people in the game. Bad practices such as ninja'ing herbs/veins, mobs, etc is looked down upon, and ninja'ing loot causes a lot of problems. In short; you're in the game's public eye as one of our members, so behave.


Promotions within the guild generally depend on a few things. Firstly - helping others. The players who get promoted are the ones who are unselfish and don't mind helping out other players. That includes experienced WOW players who share their experience as well as new WOW players who try hard to help out however they can and have a willingness to learn. Selfish players and players who badmouth others (especially those who badmouth new players) don't get promoted. If you think someone in the guild is a good team player or if you think someone's not so good, tell a guild officer since the officers aren't always on to see who's playing well. And remember, building trust can take time. Even if you are a great team player, don't expect to rocket through the ranks too quickly. If you deserve a promotion, it will happen in good time.
Note:Not every good member will be promoted since we only need so many officers. Good members can be rewarded in other ways as well.

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